Terms and Conditions

Company Information:

Name: Büttner Borászat Kft.

Company registration number: 19-09518902

VAT number: 14101104-2-19


General Information:

All Büttner products, by Büttner Boraszat Kft., can be purchased via phone, e-mail or the webshop. Our contact details can be found on www.buttnerwine.com. In our winery, only people over 18 years old are allowed to buy products containing alcohol.

The webshop can be visited without any registration, and it is the virtual catalogue of Büttner Boraszat Kft. However, it does not represent the current stock availability.


Our Products:

We, at Büttner Boraszat Kft, do our best to represent our products in their most authentic way. However, it is possible, that there are some minor differences between the illustration picture and the description of the product. We do not take responsibility for these mistakes and differences. In case, you would notice any kind of fault, please be so kind and let us know via e-mail.

The product descriptions, found on our website, include the accurate name and the gross selling price of the item. Prices shown underneath the products, do not include any discount. The Büttner Boraszat Kft. reserves the right to change the indicated selling prices. In every case, the buyer will be billed for the confirmed prices.


Registration and order:

Registration is free of charge, can be done by filling, then sending back our online registration form. We do not take responsibility for faulty registration forms, and for the mistakes caused by those. Upon purchasing in our webshop, or ordering via phone or e-mail, the customer is contracting with the Büttner Boraszat Kft. for the subject of purchasing the item. The language of the contract: Hungarian.

For accepting the intention of the purchase, the Büttner Borászat Kft. will inform the customer via a confirmation e-mail, if ordered on the webshop, or in words. When shopping in our webshop, the customer is able to collect the items into a virtual basket. Before finalizing the order, one can easily look at, adapt or cancel the content of the basket.


Your order can be adapted at any time. In that case, please call +36-30-290-8367 or write to our staff@buttnerwine.com e-mail address.

Your purchase can be placed 24/7. There is no minimum, when it comes to the number of the ordered items.

By using our webshop, or placing an order via phone or e-mail, the customer accepts our general terms and conditions of shopping.


The order can only be processed and accepted, once all the required information and data is filled out by the customer. For problems and difficulties caused by not doing accordingly, the Büttner Boraszat Kft. does not take responsibility. When using the webshop, the customer acknowledges the limitations and possibilities of the internet, especially when it comes to the technological performance of it.


In our webshop, at the moment, only orders with Hungarian delivery address can be placed. In case you would like to place an international order, please get in touch with us at staff@buttnerwine.com.


Conditions of Payment:

Bank transfer:

Your bill can be settled by bank transfer.

Cash on delivery: